About Me

Hi!  I’m Sam!  So nice to meet you!

Ok, so I haven’t really met you yet, but I hope I get to learn all about you soon!  Here are 5 little tidbits to give you a little head start on getting to know me:

1.  I draw my inspiration from the world.  A little cliché perhaps, but so true.  I get inspired from lush green forests, clean architectural lines, farmers’ markets, and the calm I feel watching the sun rise and set.  People really inspire me too, the more I see others getting out there and creating their own happiness, the more I strive to do the same for myself!

2. I didn’t discover the world of professional photography until a few years ago when my niece was born.  In the midst of prepping to take her newborn photos I quickly discovered a passion for photos that has never gone away.  I LOVE learning more and more about photography every day and spend much of my creative energy figuring out how to take better photos of those around me!

3. I have a BA of Architectural Studies… which means that I ate, slept, and breathed architecture for four years.  In the end, that career path was not for me, but I learned so much that actually plays into my current career choice!  Photography deals with a lot of the same principles of lighting, spatial awareness, and overall design ideas!  Know of any cool buildings we can do your photo shoot at?

4. I recently became a Mom, and I ADORE being with my little family!  We love the outdoors, hanging with our crazy dog, and being cozy by the warmth of our wood stove.  I understand how crazy life can be with little ones, so rest assured that my business is built around being flexible and understanding toward that kind of awesome-crazy family life!

5. Last but not least… the speed round of Sam-favorites: coffee (true NW gal here), sweets, scrapbook paper, my camera (duh), facebook, the color TEAL, smartphones, books & kindle, yoga & zumba, and tattoos (of which I only have one, but so admire them on others!)!  <– Did I mention exclamation points?!

So now that you’ve gotten to know a few things about me, I can’t wait to hear about YOU!  If you haven’t already, continue on to learn more about YOU and YOUR session here!